Friday, January 06, 2006

A Prediction?

Okay, I don't make New Year's resolutions...especially by January 1st (I was busy doing flooring; keeping my visiting relatives busy; and perfecting my ulcer). So, I gotta' think of some better word to describe it. Stretch Goal? Target? Maybe a Prediction? hmmmmm.

Well, because I don't like to think to far ahead, here are my precidtions for next week.

  1. work out more: Johnny Vegas asked if I was ready to start going back to the Gym next week. So I'll try to go at least twice next week;
  2. food: I decided to start eating healthy again next week to get back to my fighting weight. Rather than eaaaaase into the transition, I'm stuffing my face with chili dogs all this week and washing it down with Cokes...I'll go cold turkey (literally) on monday.
  3. blog: Blogging is hard, and time consuming. I don't know how some people have 3 or 4. Good luck with that! Next week I'll post some pics up of my marble bathrooom that I have been bragging about and which people have been asking about. It's worth the wait. When I have kids and one of them graduates law school, someone will ask me if it's the proudest day of my life and I'll say "no...but it's a close second" and refer them to my blog.
  4. I'll post some pics of my crazy Sudanese neighbor's yard and explain why I almost had a fistfight with their contractors (long story and it sorta need pics to explain it right).
  5. I'll try to finish up the upstairs bathroom (paint, a little drywall and replace a marble saddle).
  6. I'll try to add a second coat of mud to the ceiling of the living/dining room (that might not happen though).
  7. I'll think of way to fix that big hole I cut in the floor (I'm putting a bigass iron radiator RIGHT over the hole, so I gotta think of a way to make the support stronger than a Crazy Sudanese Neighbor's breath).

I think posting a list on here will keep me honest. I don't know if I could sleep nights if readers kept asking me why I never got around to replacing that marble saddle in the bathroom.


Unknown said...

THAT is a big list man! Keep us posted on your progress for the week! Anxious to see the bathroom pics!

amanda said...

How about some pictures of those fabulous radiator solder joints that you mentioned???

HomeImprovementNinja said...

They are on my site if you go to the first postings in the archive (november?). I have 3 more radiators to connect soon and I have to replace some PVC that's leaking (installed by the plumbing monkey, not me) so there will be more plumbing pics too.

My computer is all jacked up, but I'll try to post some pics of the tile work this week too.