Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tap tap tap...

Is this thing on? ("that's what SHE said!") haha, I kill me sometimes.

It doesn't feel like it's been over a year since I blogged something, but the internet doesn't lie. If you're wondering what happened, that makes one of us. At some point in a dog's life he catches the car he was chasing and wonders "now that I've got this giant squirrel by the metallic bumper...what now?" If you find that analogy confusing, you're on the right blog.
In tangentially related news, I discovered Twitter recently, which is like blogging for lazy people and like the fat guy trying to ease himself into the gym little by little, I started being a Twitterer...Tweeter? Twat? Whatever. Anyway, if you'd like to follow me, I'm at @ImproveNinja

If you follow me on there you can read some gems such as this:

Don't autocorrect me, Iphone. Yes, I meant "fisting" not "gusting". WTF is anal gusting

Or this:
My beagle only wants to play with other beagles. Does that mean my dog is a racist?

At any rate I'm not giving up blogging, but I am going to start another blog where I talk about other things. I'm keeping it under wraps for now. Maybe I'll keep this around for old times sake, like the blind diabetic dog that you are too emotional to put down, even though you've already got a new puppy picked out. Or maybe I'll use both, like a high-powered Hollywood executive with a first wife and a mistress.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas everyone!