Wednesday, January 18, 2006

If I Don't Get This, I Will Never Feel True Happiness

I was at a friend's place recently and I think I saw the coolest piece of furniture ever invented by man (aside from the vibrating recliner with built-in beer cooler). It's this thing right here.

I think I mentioned that my Apple iMac is having problems and I may have to decide to get rid of it and buy a laptop instead if it turns out to be too much money to fix. (I think it's the logic board. I have no idea what a logic board is, or what it does, but it sounds expensive).

If I did get a laptop, this thing would be perfect. I could sit in bed, drink my over-priced yuppie blend coffee and blog away 'till I'm good and ready to face the world.

There are a couple of problems with this scenario.

  1. I don't need another excuse to keep me laying around in bed;
  2. I love my iMac and I don't know if I could put her down, like a lame horse, just because she is injured;
  3. this thing is sold in Walmart. I don't have any moral reservations about buying stuff in Walmart, but I'm worried that someone might see me there and look at me differently when I stop into Dean & Deluca for some gourmet yuppie-blend coffee. You know, like they no longer believe that I am REALLY a yuppie...those judgmental bastards!
  4. technically, I already have a laptop (a Windows one) that I never use because I could never get the high-speed internet card to work right. Common sense says that I should try to get it going, but I think I need to buy an Apple laptop. Once you get hooked on heroin, it's tought to switch back to pot.

This is what my beautiful baby looks like. (please get well soon) It's like a work of art. She's beautiful. If she was a girl, whe would look like this:

and I would probably marry her...even though she isn't a blonde or redhead and she dresses kinda' trampy.

I hope she wears something more conservative when she meets my parents...we're Catholics, after all.

Here is the link to where they sell it at Walmart. Other places charge like $100 bucks of for it (it's $60 zt the evil empire). I'll probably buy it at Wally's. I'd pay a little more if they had it at Target so that I can avoid the long lines and surly staff, but I don't think I'd pay twice as much for the pleasant shopping experience.

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Siryn said...

Someone lllloooooooves their computer a little too much to be fantasizing about it as a scantily-clad female.