Saturday, April 22, 2006

Welcome Washington Postians...or Postiates!

If you're here today, you probably saw the article on housebloggers in the Washington Post (or the "WaPo" as we pretentious hipsters like to call it). The article also featured my interweb friends, at Nightmare on Elm Street. Be sure to check them out. If you want to read more houseblogs, click on the Houseblogs link on the sidebar.

Please feel free to have a look around, check out the archives if you like. Touch anything you like, but don't break it.

For those of you who have questions and are too impatient to read the entire blog, I figured some FAQs would be helpful.

Q: Are you really a ninja?
A: No. That's a joke. I explained it in my first post. In real life I'm a lawyer.

Q: Can I punch you in the face?
A: No. I told you, I'm not a ninja.

Q: Yeah, but I don't like lawyers, so I'd like to punch you in the face anyway.
A: First of all, that's not nice. Secondly, that's not even a question.

Q: I'm sorry? I won't do it again?
A: That's better.

Q: How did you learn about fixing stuff?
A: My dad, grandfather and most of my uncles were contractors so I learned a lot from working with them. The rest I picked up from the internet, trial and error and TV.

Q: If you think you're so good at it, why don't you do it for a living?
A: Working in an office pays better, doesn't tire you out, and I almost died on a construction site. So now I only work on my place.

Q: You're profile says your a derivatives lawyer, can you explain what that is?
A: Not really...It's pretty complicated and I'm not sure I understand it myself.

Q: Are you sure you won't let me punch you in the face?
A: Yes....errr, I mean "yes, I'm sure" not "yes, punch me"

Q: What's your blog about?
A: It's about 90% house stuff, and 5% Ninja News and 5% libertarian rants (which are my favorite).

Q: If you like libertarian rants so much, why isn't your entire blog about that?
A: My libertarian rants are so powerful that I have to water them down with ninja news and home repair advice. Trying to read a whole blog of my rants would be like trying to eat a bowl of beef bullion cubes.

Q: You're such a smart and handsome boy, but why don't you call your mother more often? I'm sure she worries about you? Would it kill you to call her once in a while and tell her how you are doing and what's going on in your life?
A: MOM! Quit it! I told you not to post things on my blog. I mean it! You're embarrasing me.

Q: Did you eat yet? You look hungry?
A: MOM! STOP! Stop right now!

Q: Can I leave comments on your blog or email you?
A: Yes. I don't mind. Just try not to cuss on my blog or use the word "negativity". I'm not sure it's even a real word, but it is really annoying.

Q: If I like your blog a lot can I stalk you?
A: No. If enough people want to do it, then I'll sell you the rights to do it for $19.95 (you have to add sales tax if you live in DC), but there's not enough interest yet.


Allison said...

Dammit, dammit, dammit!!!

I came on the houseblogger scene too late to make it into the post article!

And, as a Takoma Park (aka crunchyville) resident, I feel compelled to comment on the last entry... No recycling? No green building? No environmentally conscious anything??? Clearly, you are sorely misguided (at best), and will undoubtedly return as an insect or vermin in the next life....

Kathryn Is So Over said...


HomeImprovementNinja said...

allison, it's theoretically possible that I'm wrong, but it happens so rarely as to be statiscally the odds of tossing a coin and having it land on its edge.

Kathryn, thanks! Lemme' know when your TV spot is on.

Stef said...

Have you seen the new Progressive Insurance ninja commercial? I laugh cuz it makes me think of you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the article mention. How much did it cost you? ;)

HomeImprovementNinja said...

stef, yeah I did see it. I'd like to mention it the next installment of Ninja News, but I have no idea how to link to something on the TV.

gui, how could she not say nice things about me? Besides my awesome skillz, I'm the handsomist boy in the world (my mom told me so).