Sunday, April 16, 2006


Dammit! One of my bedrooms (the one that is closest to being finished) has no lights. So after doing some electrical detective work to get power to the outlets and switches and make sure I got power going to where I need the light to go, I tried to install the track lighting today.

(okay, I don't know what's up with the underlining, just pretend it isn't there).

I still didn't buy another camera, but this is what the lighting looks like. I guess it's cable lighting, not track lighting, but whatever it is, it looks pretty friggin' sweet.

I think I mentioned before that I had power going to the switch, but not the fixture. Last week I actually turned the power off before playing with electricity. This week I was ehhhh "more adventurous."

I switched out all the swithces/outlets from this kind

to this kind.

So I get the track lighting working and I wrap the switch in electical tape (technically not required by code, but I did it anyway, 'cuz that's how I roll, baby). I push it back in the box, then I hear a "pop". I take it back out, can't see where it could possibly be shorting, so I stick some more tape, stick it back in the box and "Pop" plus burning smell. Hmmmm? The wires look strong enough to handle it, so what gives?

Okay, it's kinda late and I don't think I should be working with live current anymore, so I'll wait for tomorrow to play detective. I don't want to work in the dark, but I think I should turn the power off. It was hot today and I was working in my boxer shorts and flip flops, but I'm worried about electrocuting myself and them finding my body like that. The cops will call my dad and tell him that I died doing electrical work in my underwear. He'll think I'm some kinda pervert. Actually, my whole family probably will think the same Dad can't keep a secret.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny- if your family is anything like mine, the story will still be told as if it almost happened. Quite a picture!
I hope you figure it out quickly tomorrow & it's easy to solve...