Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Even a little progress is good.

Eh' Not much progress this weekend. Lately I've been doing a lot of compund "mud" work so it doesn't lend it'self well to pics. Plus I've been unnecessarilly moody and acerbic lately so I haven't been motivated and getting as much done as I'd like. I'm going to vent on a post in a couple of days, but for now I'm in a pretty good mood because of something that I won't discuss on this blog--because it's not related to the house, ninja news or a libertarian rant.

But I do have a libertarian rant dealing with Milk that I'll post sometime this week. (yes, I'm such a champion of liberty that I can find oppression even in something as wholesome as milk).

Here are some pics of something I did before my camera broke. It's a thingy that I put in the MacGuyver Kitchen.

This is the top part

This is how it looked when I unpacked it. It's amazing how the Chinese can design and manufacture something like this, which is really heavy, ship it half-way around the world and still be able to sell it for less than $200. Man, no wonder they are kickin' our ass in world trade.

This is when I connected the legs

And here is the finished product. Mad skillz, yo!

I've been using this temporarily in the MacGuyver Kitchen so I can have a place to prep when I cook until I order some cabinets.

After I'm done with the cabinets I'll move this thing to the living room and set up a bar area (see, I can keep wine bottles underneath). Not that I'm a big drinker or anything, but if I have some pretentious hipsters over for a housewarming, it would be nice to have a place where I can keep all the bottles of hipster hooch and cheeses that I can't prounouce. I can just see myself saying things like "oh you should try the [cheese I can't prounounce" or "shiraz is the new pinot." NOT!

Actually, I'm more of a beer person. If you look in my fridge for something to drink, you'll find 6 kinds of beer, a few cans of coke and salad dressing. Maybe I'll move this thing out back where my grill is.

Here is the entrance to the MacGyver Kitchen. Yes, that plywood will soon be hardwood. [Insert eveil laugh here]


dara said...

Hey, I like your blog! And you linked back to mine, so thanks for that.

Lietta Ruger said...

Oh .. plywood floors .. I see. Guess I won't complain then about the particle board inserts in our two main room floors .. ha! Thanks for the comment suggestion of mitred incline and tile inserts you left at our blog. Catchy idea.

Archimedes24 said...

Wow, that was made in China? Huh. Very nice. It was probably more difficult than an IKEA product. They had a competition on a local radio station a couple months back. Two DJ's versus some random guest, to see who could put a "FLORJN" (It's fun to name shit like you know what the hell ANYTHING at IKEA means. You just hold down the Caps Key and type a whole bunch of crap and out pops a new product name! Woohoo!) bookcase together the fastest.

That's all I remember about that. I'm sorry to have let you on this merry chase and not have some great ending.


PS-Found your blog from Devil Queen. John's a hilarious guy...