Friday, January 16, 2009

Your Butt Called me again

When I switched from a flip phone to one with the buttons on the face, a curious thing happened. I started calling my girlfriend a lot accident. You see, theoretically the phone locks up and you have you to hit a button to unlock it, which is supposed to prevent you from calling people with your butt when you sit down. Unfortunately, on my phone, the button you hit to unlock it is the biggest button...right in the middle of the phone.

My phone doesn't call random people though, it's usually the girlfriend who at first thought it was funny, but quickly tired of it.


GF: My phone's ringing, who would be calling me this early?

Me: Probably some douchebag telemarketer.

GF:'s you, your butt is calling me...AGAIN!!!

A couple of weeks ago, my GF devised a brilliant idea to keep that from happening again. "Watch this!" She said as she took my phone from my back pocket and put it in front pocket. Of course, I can't walk around with a phone in my front pocket because it makes it look like I have a constant erection and, I mean, who wants that, right?

This morning it happened again (the phone call, not the constant erection) and I receive a text message from the GF at 8 am.

GF: Your Butt called me again this morning.

Me: It was freezing...maybe it was calling for help?

Yeah, it was bitterly cold today. So cold that I didn't make it from the metro to my office without stopping into a Staples store (and a bagel store) just to warm up. That's why history or no, I am not attending the inauguration on Tuesday, but will watch it from the warm toasty seat I have in my bedroom. And by seat, I mean bed. I will also not be attending the free concert on the mall. I know it's not everyday that you get to see U2 and Beyonce playing a free concert, but when you turn to the news and they are giving concert goers tips on how to avoid hypothermia, that's when I know it's not for me.


Jean Martha said...

hey...they took little baby Adolf Hitler away from his jerkoff parents...

Cyndy said...

I keep my phone in my front pocket, but I'm a girl so it doesn't matter. It keeps taking pictures of the inside of my pocket.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I had this asshole boyfriend who I didn't know was an asshole boyfriend until his phone called me because a crack-addicted hooker in his truck sat on it. It left a detailed, graphic, three-minute message on my machine.

Sara said...

You just have to master the little lock thingy. I need to invest in a flip phone. I've gotten so good at locking my phone that sometimes I think I'm unlocking it to answer a call and then I lock it and uh lose the call. That's the sucky part. But, hey, maybe your phone is cooler than my prepay suck phone.

Anonymous said...

How annoying about the phone! If I were your girlfriend I'd drop it in a glass of water so you'd be forced to get a new (different) one. :)