Friday, January 09, 2009

Did I Break My toe?

I've been limping since monday. The toe next to my pinky toe hurts...a lot. I tried to do a takedown on someone in class, but instead of throwing him onto the mat, I threw him onto my foot. Luckilly, it only really hurts when I'm walking...or standing...or wearing shoes. I've been trying not to put weight on it, but I can't drive to work everyday, so going to the metro and back is killing me.

I know I should probably go to the doctor, but I won't unless it's not better by next week because 1) I realllllly hate doctors. I have a phobia about needles and hospitals and walking into a hospital and smelling that antiseptic hospital smell makes me sick to my stomach (so does watching Oprah or The View). 2) I don't want to waste a day just so that they will tell me "yes. it's broken, but there's nothing you can do about a broken toe except be a man and stop b1tching about it". 3) I'm sure that going to the emergency room is expensive, even with insurance, and I would rather spend that money on beer, p0rn, and get rich quick schemes.

Been busy, but will try to post the florida vacation pics soon. I type with my fingers, not my toes, so I don't really have an excuse for not doing it.


Benny said...

Try this:

I don't know what they can do for it if it is broken though. But, it can probably wait until you see your PCP.

Jamie said...

Apropos of toe breaking, I did mine in a week ago. It still hurts a bit when I walk the wrong way, but I can get regular shoes on now at least.

Unfortunately my story invovled no ju jit su. It just involved smashing my little piggy into the leg or a credenza. Bloody awful mess that was... done this many times but this was the worst.

Unless you have bones sticking out, I wouldn't go to the doctor for a broken toe. There's nothing to be done. Just tape it to the next one.

Beach Bum said...

Dude, you don't have to go to the ER for that, since it's no longer an emergency. Call up an orthopedist, and it doesn't even smell like a hospital.

I recommend Dr. Scheer from if your insurance takes them (saw him way too many times for all my volleyball injuries). Either way, and orthopedist is the way to go.

Jennifer said...

Probably. And, all that happened when I broke my toe is that we taped it to the other toe.

In contrast, my husband has/had a broken toe about a year ago... and it still hurts him because he never did anything to it (tape, ice, etc).

I'd tape it up, keep it elevated as much as you can, and ice it.

Anonymous said...

I've broken my little toe a few times. The first time, I went to my orthopedist, who said the most effective thing was to tape it to the next toe. Used that until it healed, and have used it again since then. One suggestion - for something like this that you'll have to change daily, use paper surgical tape to spare your skin.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

Ben: Thanks. I've got some symptoms, but not others...hmmmm?

Jamie: mine still hurts, but I switched from sneakers to shoes today.

Beach Bum: if they went to med school, they still scare me.

Jennifer: yeah, the gf keeps telling me to elevate and ice it....easier said than done.

Anonymous: thanks. I have tape that I use sometimes on my ankles, so I've been using that.

Barbara said...

All they ever do is tape the (broken) toe to the next one and tell you to wear tennis shoes until it heals up. There's really not much other than time that heals a broken toe.

Anonymous said...

Yr Canadian MD buddy says;

do nothing,see no one, wear stiff soled footgear,don't walk much,spend the $ on beer,and milk your "injury" for sympathy.....If it hurts for more than 3 weeks its probably broken. Get an Xray to "prove" its broken if you need more sympathy....Here in Canada we would just cut your toe OFF to save $

That will be 100$ please,or 5000 shares of Smith and Wesson...

Jamie said...

Mine still hurts a bit almost two weeks later, but it's definitely on the mend. That could due to my advanced years and general lack of respect (and appropriate behaviour modification) for injuries.

Don't listen to Anonymous 4:53. You won't get much sympathy for toe injuries. I have considered the cutting of business though since my pinky toe is inexplicably drawn to door frames.

rachaelgking said...

Yeah, definitely nothing you can do for a broken toe... you might get some pain meds, though?

Anonymous said...

i broke the toe next to my little one a week ago, went to A&E and was told they don't do any treatment, they strapped it the toe either side to act as a splint, and told me to elevate it when i was resting, and to wear whatever was comfortable on my foot

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