Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend Recap

Well I didn’t get much done this weekend, and by “much” I mean nothing. Still, as far as weekends where you veg out go, it wasn’t so bad. I’ll try to do an actual plumbing post (with pics!) this week as penance. Damn you, Catholic Guilt!

I ALMOST did some actual work when, in a fit of perpetual boredom, I called a DC blogger I know and offered to fix her toilet. And, no, that’s not a euphemism for sex. But at this point, I'm so demoralized about the progress of my house that I’d rather work on other people’s houses (or do nothing) than work on my own place. Anyway, she is fun to hang out with because I enjoy her blog and she tells me the back story (or deleted scenes) to a lot of what goes on in her blog. It’s like the “Directors Cut” of the DVD, or watching the “deleted scenes” or “blooper reel” on the bonus DVD of Dude Where’s My Car.

Maybe I need a vacation? Maybe I need to get the Ninja Stock Picking blog operational?

Speaking of the alternate blog, I think I’ll finally set it up soon….no, really. As part of my research I went to the Library last week and this week. I got a library card. I feel like I’m in the fifth grade, except I’m allowed to drive to the library. There was a newsletter and a book that I needed to look at for my next Ninja Stock Pick. Now, I know what you’re about to say. Why don’t you just buy the book, Ninja? What are you, cheap or something?

No. The book I wanted is out of print, so Amazon doesn’t sell it. I tried to find it on eBay and it turns out the book sells for almost $1,200. I have a problem with that. I’ve almost never read a book more than once, and even if I read it everyday, I don’t see how any book could possibly be worth $1,000, even if it had nekkid pics of Judy Greer on every page.

As for the newsletter, it’s Value Line, which Warren Buffet swears by. It’s a great newsletter, but the subscription is $600 a year (and a few hundred more if you want to access the online stuff too). Again, even if Value Line was all about Judy Greer, it still would seem kinda steep. Besides, I don’t use it to generate ideas for Ninja Stock Picks, but only to get some objective analysis of my ideas and see if I’m on the right track. Which I am. Furthermore, although I like you imaginary readers, I don't see myserlf spending a couple of thousands bucks of my money and several hours of my time a week so that I can pick stocks to make you rich when you won't even send me free beer or buy me t-shirts with pop-culture references like "vote for Pluto".


Melissa said...

Aah. My toilet. This morning the tank was empty, so I sat there with a screwdriver at 6 a.m. trying to "fix" it. It did fill up with water, but we'll see how it goes for the rest of the day.

Thanks for the ear on Sunday. I was a wreck, wasn't I?

Anonymous said...

V: you KNOW if I fix it, there will be a meelyun pics so I can brag about it for days.

And you had good reason to be upset on sunday.

John said...

What is in that book to justify that kind of price?! Do they give you the formula for transmutating lead into gold?

Twoste said...

My air conditioner started pumping out hot air on Sat. afternoon, heating my apt. to 94 degrees F. Any suggestions?

HomeImprovementNinja said...

John: it's a book that teaches you how to buy dollar bills for 40 cents.

twoste: check the direction. A central A/C running in reverse is a heater (instead of bringing cool air in and hot air out, it does the opposite).