Thursday, August 24, 2006

The One Where I Do Some Actual Work For a Change

Well, since my sister was visiting I decided to install some shades in the master bedroom. I know what you’re thinking: You mean you just walk around in your tighty whities without having actual window shades. Yes, I do. Part of the reason that Ninja Fortress is so secure is that burglars are deterred because when they see me in my tighty whities, they are either so intimidated by my musculature that they dare not break in, or laugh so hard at the image of a grown man in tighty whities that they fall off the ladder and break their necks. This, as Sun Tzu would say, is the art of fighting without fighting. Nevertheless, I did some actual work this week (and figured a way to upload my (new) pics even though my compy still doesn’t have internet access.

While, I still can’t figure out how to get my old pics off there by burning them to a CD(“’Error Type 6’…huh? well at least it wasn’t Error Types 1-5, that would be fcuked up…I think”), but I can now upload new pics so we will reduce our diet of random libertarian rants and ninja news and hopefully do more actual home improvement stuff.



Damn, I rock without even trying.


Barbara said...

I'm impressed. Do you hire out?

JordanBaker said...

It's amazing that the mere act of putting up shades seems to have caused your sheets to spontaneously smoothe themselves out.

JulieGong said...

so you only put up one shade?

HomeImprovementNinja said...

barbara: my hourly rate wouldn't make it worth it. It would be like hiring a surgeon to paint your house.

jordan: yeah...after the sheets knew you'd see them, they gussied themselves up a bit.

julie: The other shade is there, it's just got light coming through it. Errr, I mean it's got mad chi energy.

Twoste said...

Ninja!! Curtains!!! Curtains!! Tasteful decoration, please.

Anonymous said...

That is one bitchen remodel on the ol' bedroom! Way to go Ninja.