Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just the Facts Ma'am

Much has been said about Senator George Allen’s allegedly racist remarks. Because I hate politicians as much as I hate traffic cops or pedophiles, I’ll give you my (i.e. the correct) take on the situation.

FACT: Virginia Senator, and Presidential hopeful, George Allen called a dark-skinned man a “Macaca”, which is a type of monkey.

So, at a rally with hundreds of white people, he singles out the only person with dark skin and calls him a monkey and tells him “welcome to America”.

This tells me a few things about George Allen:

1) He thinks non-whites are subhuman;
2) He doesn’t consider foreigners to be “Real Americans”. (FYI, the guy he singled out was born in the US).
3) He’s as ignorant and bigoted as his constiuents.

Now, before I posted this I called the Allen campaign headquarters to get a statement from them. Here’s what they said.

"George Allen ain’t no racist. I once saw him drink from the same water fountain as a colored who was even darker than that Macaca guy. And I once saw him shake hands with a gook…errrr, I mean a chinaman...I said chinaman."

[EDIT: I just learned that "Macaca" is commonly used as a derogatroy term in europe to refer to north africans. I don't believe Allen's denials that he didn't know what the word meant given that his mother is a frenchwoman who was raised in Tunisia.]


m.a. said...

If he's not a racist, then Virginia isn't a state.

angst on the outskirts said...

This is kinda like telling me that Clinton liked sex.

Who would have thought?

Anonymous said...

Wow, huh?

Bullshit and lies... par for the course!

TooMuchCoffeeLady said...

So he used a racial slur typically used against Africans to describe an Indian guy?! Good going, Einstein. I mean, if you're going to be racist, at least get the correct terminology.

Twoste said...

I blame the voters.


ummmmmm was he in a rally to get the "Indian American vote"? cause he facked it up....oh and why did Condelesa Rice's comment sound so ignorant? hmmmm no comment just questions...

HomeImprovementNinja said...

MA: Well, technically, VA is a Commonwealth, but George Allen is still a racist.

Angst: Hillary does NOT like sex. That's why Bill cheated.

siryn: yeah...sadly this is what kinda people we have in office.

coffeelady: I'm sure he thought that they all look alike to him.

twoste: i agree.

kiki: Yeah, they actually found an Indian to say something nice about him. It's better than a campaign contribution. This is like when the racists claim "some of my best friends are black."

Fightin' Felix said...

My representatives used some unfortunate phrasing, and if the misinterpretation of their remarks caused you pain, then I regret that. But facts are facts: I DO drink from the same water fountains as dark-skinned Americans, and never hesitate to shake hands with Asians.

Fightin' Felix

Raincouver said...

Politicians in Canada could not survive with such comments.