Thursday, June 01, 2006

Help a Ninja Decorate His Fortress

Okay, I need some input from the non-decoratively challenged. One of the drawbacks that comes from being so macho and studly is that I have poor decoration skillz. (another drawback is that sometimes I'll unintentionally break things with my powerful male arms, just because I don't know my own strength, so being so studly is a mixed blessing). So this weekend I went to Home Depot (the evil empire) to get a cabinet for over the bathroom sink upstairs, which doesn't have one. In case you're wondering how I get by without a medicine cabinet, I've been shaving in the basement bathroom for almost a year now, but enough is enough.

First off, take a look at the sink I installed. They don't make a matching cabinet for it. There is a matching mirror thingy, but I need a place to put all my stuff, so a mirror won't cut it.

Okay, this is what we're working with here. Try not to get hypnotized by the incredible looking marble I installed. The cabinet has to go with that sink, those tiles and the rest of the bathroom. (the tub is white, the toilet is white, and I'll probably paint the walls white). So it has to go with that color (beige?), white, and that stain of wood. Got it?

So I need some input as to what to put over it. I'll tally all your votes and decide which one to pick based on something completely arbitrary (like which one is in stock).

I think something like this might go with what I have. Unfortunately, Home Depot didn't have anything remotely resembling it, and even if it did, would it be okay if the stain wasn't exactly the same?

Should I look around to find something like it? Or try to go with something they have in stock? Or Lowe's has?

Whoever designed this should get a medal. I'm sure they don't give out medals for designing medicine cabinets, but if they did, this guy should get the gold medal (or platinum, if gold isn't the highest possible award in the hypothetical medal).

If I had a loft this would kick ass. It probably doesn't go in my victorian house though. I don't mind a little bit eclectic, but when I go to resell the house, I don't want buyers saying "the contractor had some mad home improvement skillz, but his designer is obviously retarded...or heterosexual."

I think white goes with everything, right? Would this okay with my sink? Or is this for one of those bathrooms that has beadboard on the wall?

I thought about beadboard in my place. I went with marble instead because
1) I wasn't sure they used beadboard in Victorian Houses;
2) I wanted to show off my mad marble tiling skillz.

I was seriously considering something like this. Since it's glass all around, I think It goes with anything. Is that right, or did I just convince myself of that because I wanted to believe it?

I'm not sure about the lights though. What other kind of (non-ugly) lights would go with something like this?

See, here is what it would look like without the lights. Does it go with a sink like I got? My place isn't exactly traditional, so you think this would work?

Also the vanity in question ins 24" wide. Do you think it would look okay if I put a 30" medicine cabiniet over it, with 6" sticking out on the left side (I can't center it because of the wall).

Thanks folks!


JordanBaker said...

Restoration Hardware has one like the first picture, but in white. Best of both worlds?

Diet Coke of Evil said...

You totally need to find one like the first. Getting it in any other color than the one to match the sink would look a little funny. Perhaps you could buy one and stain it to match if you can't find one in that stain? White is too shabby/country chic, and the mirrors are too modern and the dark wood to match the sink is just right.

Allison said...

At home depot they have a medicine cabinet (flush or recessed mount)that comes with a huge, cheesy round beveled mirror. (It's not online, I checked) What's important is that there is a wing on the side of the cabinet for the hinge that lets a large door open. (Door is bigger than inside of cabinet). Anyway, I threw out the cheesy mirror, and used the wood framed mirror that came with my vanity as the door. It looks fab. I'll post pictures soon, hopefully this evening.

brando said...

I like the wooden ones. They look nice.

Liberal Banana said...

Oh my GOD - PLEASE do not go with the one with multiple lights over it. I mean, unless you're planning on putting on your makeup before your Broadway stage debut there. It that case, fine.

I think if you could find/stain something to match the wood, that would be ideal. White would probably be your next bext option. And yes dude, the marble. looks. AWESOME. Can you come over and do my bathroom next? To tempt you: I live across the street from The Evil Empire.

dara said...

I vote for the wooden one, too. It just fits with the rest of the bathroom best.

In a worst-case scenario, I'm sureyou could probably stain it to match.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

jordan, thanks. I like Restoration Hardware, but there stuff is like reaaaallly expensive.

DCOE, yeah, I think you're right. It's hard to find the exact color, maybe I'm better off sanding it and re-staining.

allison, sounds like it might work. I'll check it out when you post it.

brando, yeah, the wood seems to be the consensus.

liberal banana, if you live near the evil empire, that's not an incentive. That's like telling a guy in rehab to visit you because you live accross from the crackhouse.

dara, you're probably right. I thought I could get away with white b/c it's easier.


Anyone have opinions on having a 30" cabinet over a 24" vanity?

Melissa said...

Ok. No.

If you put a 30 inch cabinet over a 24 inch vanity I will hurt you. It will look ugly.

All these medicine cabinets will need to be drilled into the wall, and you will have to cut the drywall. Are you prepared to do that?

As for matching the vanity to the cabinet, I think you have to go with an all mirrored fixture. Or go with a plan wood, and you could cut down some of your marble pieces and glue them to the fixture so it all blends, but that would be a pain in the ass.

Melissa said...

Huh. I didn't even read the comments before I posted. Funny that I addressed the vanity width thing just below you. And DCOE is right - white is shabby chic, ick.

Brandon said...

hmm, are you sure a mirror is a good idea with your fits of rabid manliness? If i were you, i would just bolt a piece of polished aluminum to the wall, set in foam padding. you might even be able to rig something together out of parrot mirrors from the pet store. then maybe for illumination, hang a safety light from an extension cord like they do down at the auto body shop.

Dan said...

The first one, definitely. The all glass ones just scream "Maimi Vice." Or "Shut up bitch or I'll cut you with my medicine cabinet!" Wood is more soothing.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

velvet, I was planning on getting a surface mount thing and installing it over my marble (I can't bear to cut into it. As for cutting into the drywal? eh, I've done much worse. I'll show you some pics.

ducky, believe it or not, that safety light is the only source of light in my basement bathroom. That's freakishly prescient. Actually, most things about your comments are freakishly something or other. Although the macho reflective surfaces sounds good in theory, it's a little too "silence of the lambs" for me. The last thing I need is giving chicks more reasons not to come over.

BI, good point. Miami Vice was an okay show, but it's not even in the Top 10 of my favorite 80s shows.

Marci said...

Agree - with Velvet!

Do not go white! Do not go mirrors. Do not pass go. "Almost" matched wood is also a no. Though on that front you could look into an unfinished vanity and stain it, saving yourself the trouble of sanding...which may even cater to adding your own marble peices to tie it all in together. That really is the best idea here.

Anonymous said...

What if you cut a recess in the wall to make an interior cabinet and purchased the matching mirror, applied hinges, and used it as a door??? I haven't seen the mirror, but if it's wood framed then it seems do-able.

Stef said...

I like the first one best, and I like Marci's idea of an unfinished vanity you can stain yourself. And I agree, avoid the Broadway-dressing-room one with the lights! Don't make your lovely tiled bathroom look like a cheap hotel.

Allison said...

I agree with the consensus: white and the broadway show light model would look terrible. As for the 30", if it really matched it might not look too bad, but I'd have to see it. I posted pics of mine:

HomeImprovementNinja said...

marci, thanks, that looks like the consensus. The fact that I seriously considered the other choices proves how macho I am.

maria, allison said she tried that, I'll see how it looks.

stef, I'd like to find an exact match, but staining it the right color is probably better than a pretty good match.

allison, that looks good. Congrats.

The Blonde Menace said...

I think your best bet would be to try to stain something to match. Whatever you do, don't get the mirror surrounded by lights!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Velvet on an all-mirrored surface. I am picturing an oval mirror with just a simple light over it in the same metal as your sink's handles. A modern, clean look. You just lose the medicine cabinet, but could put up a shelf on the side in the same metal.

Anonymous said...

I think you should go with the mirror that matches it. I'm speaking from a position of authority here, because that's what I have. That's right - we have the same bathroom. If you came to my house and wandered into the bathroom, and, er, happened to become lost in concentration, when you came to your senses you would think you were home. Then, when you opened the door and saw that you at my house you would become disoriented.
Back to my point - the mirror that matches the vanity looks really nice with it. The problem with the others is they don't have the right proportions. So, if you have an extra six inces to the left of the mirror, you can put up some shelves for all of your man-toiletries. QED, etc.

Anonymous said...


De-lurking to come to the rescue. I agree that white or mirrors will not work with that vanity. If you can match the wood perfectly, that it what you should do. That said, why not use the matching mirror for the (sweet) vanity that you have and install a something to hold your stuff over the toilet or somehing -- just make sure its level so your razor does fall in to the bowl when you open the door.

And,I'm a little concerned about the placement of said mirror/medicine cabinet. If you put it above the tile is it going to be too high? If not for you, for your future wife or future buyer of the house? If you hang it halfway over the tile that is going to look like *ss, unless I'm missing something.

I live in the 'hood and make a mean mojito. Happy to come over for in person consultations.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

TBM, yeah I think I'll try to find the matching, if not then go with the staining.

siryn, the handles are brushed nickle, but I hadn't thought about that for a mirror. Hmmmmmm.

shanna, if I can't find the perfect cabinet, I may well go for the matching mirro.

anon, sorry but location of the fortress is a closely guarded secret. It's like the Batcave, except with less computing power and more beer.

and I was thinking of putting it over the tile and shimming out the back of it. We'll see how it goes.

Mathieu said...

not sure if this blog is so old and you've finished but i thinque a recessed mirror is a good idea

Anonymous said...

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