Thursday, June 29, 2006

More Parking Nazis.

Okay, so today was a semi-productive day. I still have no internet and am therefore typing this from a super-secret location. So I went to Home Depot (the evil empire) to get some dust masks and a nozzle for my paint gun thingy which is clogged. The nozzle costs $30 bucks and seeing as how it'll probably get clogged again and I'll be out another $30 bucks, we'll stick to rollers and paint brushes. Those things clog really easily if you don't clean them right after you use them. I don't know who forgot to clean it last time, but I'm not hear to point fingers.

Anyway, at Home Depot I saw the day laborers hanging out. I walked over there because I don't want a stampede of them at the ninja mobile if I drive up. They look like ethiopians trying to storm a C-130 for some surplus wheat and condoms. I should say that not all day laborers are illegal. Some of them are, but I have no idea which ones. They're not all latinos either. There were some black guys there too. It looked almost like a Benneton Ad, except without the white people and asians...or women.

So this guy I hired sands the mudding that I did in the living/dining room while I work my hardwood flooring mojo in the MacGyver Kitchen. After a while the guy goes to the bathroom and when he comes back says that marble tile in there looks really really good.

Now, there's 3 sure fire ways to get me to buy you lunch or some beers.
  1. tell me that Ludwig von Mises is your favorite economist;
  2. give me Judy Greer's phone number, email or home address;
  3. or compliment me on mad Marble tiling skillz.

So this little Hoduran earned that chinese 3 picece fried chicken with pork fried rice on the side.

Anyway, I made some decent progress on the floor and I'll post some pics if the Comcast tech gets me internet up and running again. Since it's Comcast, I won't get my hopes up.

In other news, I still hate the Sudanese guy. His contractors left their vans in his muddy driveway and they couldn't get them out and blocked my driveway while they tried to pull them out with yet more vans and some chains. It was like a ghetto tractor pull. So I parked my car in the street because I didn't want to be an asshole, and I got a $50 ticket for being within 25 feet of a the stop sign. WHAT THE FCUK! SInce when is that even a fcuking' crime? This is proof that no good deed goes unpunished and that in the future I should be THAT guy. YOu know the one that says "I don't care if your truck is stuck, get out of my driveway now or I'll go down to the donut shop and get some cops to give your sorry ass a ticket. "

I really hate DC now. I don't even know if I want to bother to fight it anymore. Maybe I'll just give them the $50 so that mayor Williams can have an underaged hooker on his visit to Turkey this week. That one will be on me, Anthony.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Over there you have a giant bureaucracy hellbent on making life a pain, and here in Arkansas we have the good ol' boys club. (I'm from Virginia Beach so I don't exactly fit in). The mayor has allegedly had 2 automobiles removed from a property that I own (zoned commercial so I can do whatever I want with it) and gave the neighbor permission to burn trash on this property. Yet I can prove nothing. What happened to having rights in this country? Also why don't you do a nice rant on why it is impossible to do or build anything anymore without at least 600 permits, huge waiting periods, and multiple bribes of various officials...

Raincouver said...

Visit to turkey? There must've been flooding in Ankara... why else would he go there but for research.

As for your comments about the C-130... cruel... but funny. Very funny... I had to self-flagellate after laughing out loud!

Mea culpa, mea culpa. Venire Castigum Domini!

amanda said...

We got one of those stupid tickets for being too close to the stopsign recently. All my neighbors can't figure out parking spacing, forcing us too close to the sign. At least our tickets are only fifteen bucks.

E :) said...

That's priceless. All of it. Priceless.