Monday, May 29, 2006

White Ninja

Happy Memorial Day. In honor of the bank holiday honoring the numerous war dead, you may now wear white again, at least until Labor Day, when it's time to honor the socialists.

I know you're wondering if it's possible to practice ninja stealth while wearing white. I think the key is just to ditch the mask and don a disguise which incorporates seasonal white fabrics, and yet which is sufficiently badass to be ninja-esque.

I ordered this disguise last week from the ninja mart. Listen to the description: "This poly-cotton blend suit will strike fear into the heart of your enemies . It is comfortable enough to wear to assasinate a feudal overload trying to usurp the shogunate, yet fashionable enough to go out dancing afterwards in Tokyo's hippest Ginza Karaoke bars. Numerous pockets for shurikens and ninja smoke bombs are in the jacket, as well as a pouch for the cell phone (wig sold separately). "

I know it's double breasted and that seems kinda' 80s, but I like to think of it as old skool. You could be like the ninja John Gotti. Except you're not as fat and no jail can hold you.

And yes, I did order the wig too. The outfit is kinda lacking without that kickass wig.

Anyway, I got a couple of drafts of posts that I'll try to get out this week, including the final update to the Florida story and some stuff about underpinning. Stay tuned.


Melissa said...

AAH. The Florida story. I forgot that I found out some brief info for you on what to do on the property issue. Gotta touch base. And I owe you a call. Sorry.

KassyK said...

That outfit is dammmmn fly. You made the express this morning. Congrats!!

HomeImprovementNinja said...

velvet, thanks.

Kass, thanks for the heads up. And all my outfits is supafly!

The Blonde Menace said...

Such a great post