Thursday, May 04, 2006

Interest Rates and the DC Election

Well, I'm still working on Part 2 of the Florida post (I need to add pics). In the meantime, Here's something that's relevant to all homeowners and people who are thinking of buying. It's a music video parody lampooning Ben Bernake (Greenspan's successor). It was dones by some Columbia graduate students and it looks pretty professional. And it's actually pretty funny. In case you're wondering where Columbia econ students find the time to make professional quality video productions, they probably worked on it during all those dateless saturdays in the dorm. Let's be honest here, these guys are learing about finance. There's no girl in a bar that will ever tell these guys "tell me about inverted yield curves again...that gets me hot."

In other news, I am (for now) officially endorsing Adrian Fenty for Mayor of DC. Why? "Council member Adrian Fenty is promising not to raise taxes if elected mayor... he said he would fund new programs by reining in an inefficient bureaucracy and working with business leaders to identify savings within the city's $7 billion budget."

An official Ninja Fcuk you to the Vincent Orange campaign who said they want to "keep their options open" and the Linda Cropp campaign that said Fenty's move was "irresponsible". An income tax rate that is twice what it is in MD and VA (3 miles away) is what's irresponsible. Wanting to tax me even more instead of cutting your bloated payroll is irresponsible, asshat. DC has 3x as many city employees as Boston. You read that right. Linda Cropp is a proven moron. I don't know anyone that has driven by her idiotic "Think Cropp" signs and not done a double take because they thought it said "Think Crap". Do we really want someone like that as mayor.

I'm not crazy about Fenty, but here's why I'm voting for him:
  1. He's not taller than me. This shows he's a man of the people;
  2. He's vowing not to raise taxes; That's a big'un.
  3. He's bald (I'd like to have something to pick on when he eventually dissapoints. "You bald-headed donkey fcuker" see, it just rolls of the tongue. You can just hear me heckling him, can't you?).
  4. He came to Columbia Heights to campaign. He was handing out literature outside of my favorite overpriced Korean convenience store. (Mr. Kim says he won't vote for Fenty because he's too young...Fenty's too young; Mr. Kim is in his 60s).
Mari at In Shaw said this about Fenty. "I got nothing but love for that yummy bald headed cup of hot cocoa called Adrian Fenty." I do have bad news for her though. According to his campaing flyer, he's married with 2 kids. The good news is that he's a politician, and they usually don't take marriage vows very seriously.


Gary said...

I'm not crazy about Fenty, but here's why I'm voting for him:

You should add; He doesn't say "Yo" to drugs.

I recall those Marion Barry t-shirts that used to read "Say YO to drugs"

Sam said...

That's one of the best Youtube videos I've ever seen, thanks for sharing.

Mari said...

I admire the bald hot cuppa cocoa, I know the cup belongs to someone else so I'll find my own cup (mine, mine, mine) or glass of another desired beverage. I may put a Fenty sign in my yard once the cats stop pooping in it. Also great video.