Monday, May 01, 2006

Heads up.

My camera is working again. So I'll have some pics to share soon...including an update on the Sudanese guy with the dirt in my driveway. In other news my computer is freaking out again. It's the same thing that was messed up before, so I gotta' take it back to Apple. Apparently when I prayed and told you-know-who that if my computer survived that I would start going to church again, he thought I meant it and is holding me to it. I mean, I intended to start going again to live up to my end of the bargain, it's just that I never really specified when. Apparently you-know-who thought that I would start going sometime in the next few months immediately after the promise. I haven't been to church in several years, so I don't see what his/her rush is. (I don't know if ominpotent beings bother to read blogs, but I don't mention him/her/it by name in case he/she/it is reading/listening/cosmically-sharing conciousness on here).

In other news, I went and came back from Florida over this weekend. So thanks for the book recommendations. I said I was leaving next week and left earlier so that anyone planning on stealing my kickass tools while I am away would be outsmarted by me; and thwarted. I've always liked the sound of the word "thwarted" and now I got to use it in a sentence; and I got to thrawt someone too. Sweet!

In case you're wondering what I was doing in Florida. I sorta bought a house. It's a long story, but I have some nice pics and seeing my brother again means I get to mock him a few more posts to mitigate some of the childhood trauma he inflicted on me. So that's coming in the next few days.

Also, to prevent family discord I ate a slice of pizza despite my lactose intolerance. (long story) It gave me really bad gas which sadly dissipated shortly before my encounter with airport security. That's too bad. I was being oppressed and flatulence was only available defense, so I was completely unarmed when I faced those fascists. I'll try to tell you about it next time and work in a libertarian rantlet about airport "security" and how the airlines are oppressing me. And the bookstores at the airport oppressed me to. Fcuking fascists!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I was glad to hear that you were honing your secret ninja skilz at the airport. By the way my 12 year old son uses those same skilz to thwart his teachers

HomeImprovementNinja said...

Thanks. Thwarting teachers is a good thing. Teachers are the tools of the oppressive government that try to brainwash our childrenz into accepting the statist ideology. They repress independent thought and teach you to obey authority. The good news is that if he continues to thwart them, he may eventually become a libertarian.