Friday, May 05, 2006

Big Up

Thanks to whoever reads blogs at the Express (the readers digest version of the Washinton Post that they give you for free when you get on the metro at a hipster station). They mentioned my blog twice recently. Once in their online edition HERE.

and once in their print edition on Wednesday May 3, 2006. If anyone who's better at computers than me (yes, this means everyone except my grandmother) can send me a screencap or whatever of the May 3 one to homeimprovementninja[at] so I can post it on here for vanity's sake, I would appreciate it.

In other news, I probably won't finish with Part 2 of the Florida post until Monday because I'm still bad at posting pics, I don't blog from work, and I don't like to work on the weekends. Actually, I'm not to keen on working during the week either, but I find that if you put a red pen behind your ear and stare at your computer while looking really focused, passersby are convinced that you are working on something vital.

Anyway, Part 2 is getting pretty long so there may be a Part 3. It's probably worth the wait though. Not in the way that Empire Strikes Back was worth the wait, but maybe in the way that Back to the Future 2 was worth it.


m.a. said...

Sorry. Can't help you on the screen cap thingy, but at least you're totally famous (well, as famous as an anonymous ninja is capable of being).

Sam said...

Check your email.