Monday, April 23, 2007

YouTubey Goodness

In lieu of a real post, here's some random video entertainment from the net, that is work safe. I think of all the dumb marketing ideas by real estate developers, this is the dumbest. I found out about it from Boston Gal's website.

Here is a series of clips that were used as an internet marketing ploy by a homebuilder. It’s really odd. It features a plotline about their target buyer (a young urban professional who can afford a luxury condo, but isn’t really looking to buy one). The plot goes like this: girl breaks up with slacker boyfriend and moves in with flaming gay male friend. Meets metrosexual guy in building who they can’t decide is gay or straight. Girl discovers that he’s straight, and does what any single hetero gal in her shoes would do. She spends half a million dollars to buy a condo in his building in the hopes that it will get him to like her. Any girl can start going to the gym and highlighting her hair, but guys like it when a girl goes the extra mile and buys a condo in their building. It’s sorta sweet in a psycho hose beast kinda way.

Here is a clip that has three of my favorite things: Jennifer Love Hewitt; sweet, sweet breasticles; and Hanes underwear. I don’t have to explain why I love Jennifer Love Hewitt and her sweet, sweet breasticles, but a few words about Hanes are in order. As you may know from my investing site, Hanesbrands is my second largest position in the Ninja portfolio (after Smith and Wesson). I had hoped to get a 30% return in about a year, then sell it. It’s up more than 30% in 5 months, plus they are launching new products like this Comfort Soft bra and they just signed a contract with a big retailer who will carry their products in several thousand stores. $ $ $ Cha Ching $ $ $ So on behalf of my fortune, I encourage you all to wear Hanesbrands bras and panties (which includes Wonderbra, Playtex, Barely There and Just My Size). If you are working out, be sure to only wear Champion Brand sweats (also by Hanesbrands). Also, if I have stared at your sweet, sweet breasticles recently, I was “researching” this stock. I loooooove me some research.

Here is a video on How to Break Up. It’s educational as well as funny.

And here is a video that I found with some Northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu on it. It has some demonstrations of Grandmaster Shum doing some Wu Style Tai Chi self defense on it too. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tai Chi, there are three kinds. Wu style, and the other two kinds, which are practiced by wimps. I think part of the reason that Tai Chi is so deadly is that it's practiced in slow motion by old people. I think, in combat, it's really demoralizing to your opponent if they get their ass kicked by an old man who is moving in slow motion, so it makes people unwilling to even fight you.

Back soon with a real post soon, hopefully.


Anonymous said...

You know, I'm going bra shopping with some friends on Thursday. If I promise to go for a Haneswhatever brand, will you promise to be extra funny for finals? Mine are on the week of May 7th. Thanks!

HomeImprovementNinja said...

Anon: I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

The stick figure break-up video is great. It's amazing what clich├ęs we all are in the end.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

circ: yeah, it's funny but I've argued with a previous about her frying pan, just like the video says.

Anonymous said...

Um, why can't I leave a comment on your post about Greenspan? I'll leave my comment here.

Hmmmm, yeah, I wondered why I was the only one not buying a condo or home in the last few years. With my conservative notions of how much money one must have for a down payment and how much income one must make to sustain payments, I just assumed everyone was making more money than yours truly.

Now I realize that many people bought what they could not afford.

When, by the way, did renting become such a bad thing?

Also, you really don't like Turkey....

Anonymous said...

You're right, JLH does have pretty nice breasticles.

Anonymous said...

Love that stick figure video! It is hilarious and cute!