Saturday, April 14, 2007


For those of you in the area looking for something to do this weekend, check out the DC Lindy Exchange. If you're wondering what that is, I'll pretend to know what I'm talking about. It's where swing dancers from all over come to DC to dance with the locals and trade moves. There will be events all day & night Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some are free, some are not. Some have live bands, some have DJs. Anyway, you can find out more from the website. I plan on trying to go to a couple of events. If you see me there you can shake my hand if you're a guy or dance with me if you're a girl. You'll recognize me by my incredible swing dance moves that look suspiciously like salsa moves that are done to a different rhythm. Also, I'll be dressed in black and killing people between dances. See you there.


Anonymous said...

Will you post a link to your investment blog? I really NEED some insider info.
Love, Martha

HomeImprovementNinja said...

Thanks. It's on the sidebar titled "Investing Ninja"

GBY said...

Good morning, Mr. Ninja

My name is Gadi Ben-Yehuda and I’m writing on behalf of The Common Ground Alliance (CGA) to invite you to the launch event for a new national phone number, 811. I know that ninjas don't normally attend public events (at least that's what I've gathered watching Ask A Ninja), but I hope that you can make an exception for this one.

You can find more information on CGA and its "Call Before you Dig" campaign here:

I'd like to send you some more information both for you and your readers. Could you send me an email at

I also really like your blog. My wife and I bought an 87-year-old house in Petworth in 2005 and we've been fixing it up for two years now. And the Ninja Mitzvah? Don't get me started!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Anonymous said...

So, how was it? I'm sorry that I couldn't make it; I really wanted to see the ninja in action. :-)

Unknown said...

You Lindy. I *knew* I had a crush on you!