Monday, April 09, 2007

Random Stuff about Easter, Passover and Heart Disease

I'll step out of character for a minute to tell you people to check out this NY Times Article on Heart Disease. (free registration required). And if anyone has a history of heart disease in your family, please get yourself checked out.

Back to randomness:

Easter came and went with no big deal. In honor of the Baby Jeebus, today I will eat a chocolate bunny in silent solemnity. A chocolate bunny that I was too lazy to get out of my car on Sunday because it was cold out.

Also, Happy Passover to our Jewish readers. As many of you are aware, although I'm Catholic, I observe Passover because it's a holiday that is sacred to the Ninja. Thousands of years ago, the Lord sent his ninja, the angel of death, to kill the first born child of every egyptian in the middle of the night. All I have to say about that is: MAD SKILLZ!

And finally, I'll start posting some pics fo the progress in the MacGuyver kitchen hopefully this week (which means probably next week).


Anonymous said...

Hollow or solid bunny? Just want to know how deep your level of conviction is. lol

Carrie M said...

you know, MacGuyver would be able to rig up some sort of photo essay on the kitchen using an old Polaroid and baking sheets. And possibly a turkey baster, you know, for good measure.

Twoste said...

Kill the bunny. KILL!!

HomeImprovementNinja said...

sugar: hollow. I'm not religious. I figure if the Lord is all knowing, then my going to church twice a year isn't fooling anybody, especially him.

carrie: My Dad is MacGuyver, not me. Check the first post on "MacGuyver" and you'll see where the kithcen got it's name.

twoste: It'll be gone by lunch.

Lemon Gloria said...

Surely a big, strong ninja such as yourself can handle more than one little chocolate bunny?

HomeImprovementNinja said...

lisa: I ate whole chocolate one and half a white chocolate one. I'm taking it easy because I'm gettin' back down to <10% body fat.

Lara Ziobro said...

Never deny ones body the right to chocolate. Especially not at Easter. Choc-away... that bunny never stood a chance.