Thursday, February 02, 2006

More Ninja News: Film at 11

Okay, I mentioned before that on the odd occassion where there is ninja-related news, even if not related to home improvement, it would be discussed here because the shadow warriors' exploits would not be denied on any site where I have editorial control. If you remember that news article Here about that ninja being evicted from his apartment and fighting the cops (guns vs sword), maybe you have wondered what it would be like to rent a place with a ninja? Well wonder no more. Apparently somebody read that article and maybe wondered enough to make a short film about it. It takes a while to download, but the effort is definitely worth it. I give you: A Ninja Pays Half My Rent.

A Ninja Pays Half My Rent

Of course, the benefits of living with a ninja are:
  1. quiet;
  2. pays rent on time with money from ninja-related activities;
  3. can get in through window if you have lost your key.

The downside is that he is a master of the shadow arts and assassination, so you might want to find out who he likes in the superbowl before you start disparaging the opposing team (some ninjas are really devoted to their hometeams).

and here is a fat kid ninja-dancing to techno music. This is probably not newsworthy, but fat-kids ninja-dancing will always have a special place in my heart and on my website.


John said...

A Ninja Pays Half My Rent was definately worth watching!

HomeImprovementNinja said...

Yeah. That was very professionally done. Maybe it was a film student or something.

If it was about a weird roommate who dressed like a ninja, but wasn't one, it would be disturbing, but having a roommate who *IS* actually a ninja is a geeky way, of course.