Thursday, December 22, 2005

T Minus...5....4....3...

Okay, so I went to the mall with ToolBelt Diva yesterday and finished Xmass shopping for the relatives coming to visit. I am off from work tomorrow and they should be getting here tomorrow night or sat morning. SO that gives me anywhere from 8-10 hours to finish the floors, and prime the bathroom (I don't think I'll have time to paint it, but it should look like white paint if it's primed). And maybe fix the huge hole I cut in the floor upstairs during one of my "plumbing lessons".

I am secretly jealous of people who can find a small leak and repair it with a wrench and a little teflon tape. I find the same tiny leak and the next theing that happens, my ceiling looks like this. I know, I'll never here the end of that one. "What the hell were you thinking?" "Why didn't you just [do the simplest thing in the world, which would never occur to me]?" "You just like making holes in your walls, don't you? I knew we shouldn't let you buy that reciprocating saw...when you named it, I knew you were up to no good."

I don't think I'll have time to re-connect the radiators (which is bad b/c people from Miami think 50 degrees is freezing), but I've got some space heaters which should do the trick. Plus my dad and brother are far better plumbers than I am, so I think can re-connect it if worse comees to worse.

I'd like to do it all myself, but I think I may be outvoted, even in my own house. As a point of pride, and for bragging rights, I'd like to say I did everything, but my brother may have different ideas. I can here him now: "shuttup and gimme' that torch, you moron, it's freezing in here."

I have an interesting anecdote about my brother and the marble tile we installed in my bathroom, but it won't make sense without pictures, so I'll tell you about it in a couple of days...with pictures. Or maybe my brother should tell you...since I know I won't here the end of it from him all week.

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