Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am fine...and so am I

Why do people keep asking me if I'm okay? I was not on the metro train that crashed yesterday. 1) I wasn't even at work yesterday; 2) even if was on the train, what would I be doing in Takoma Park(what would anyone be doing in Takoma, besides buying patchoulli or recycling?); and 3) there's millions of people in the DC area...calling to see if I was one of the two people who died is like calling in to see if I won the Lottery because you heard it was someone in DC.

I am kind of flattered by the concern, but I also get off the phone quickly because I secretly wonder if people are using the train crash as an excuse to call me and when I say that I am fine, using that as an excuse to borrow money.


Jessica said...

I'm so glad to see that you're okay.

Um... can I borrow some money?

HomeImprovementNinja said...

Thanks...and nope.

media concepts said...

I was thinking the same thing. I had no intention of calling anyone I knew in the DC area to see "if they were okay" for the same reason.

Beach Bum said...

Of all the people I know in DC, one of my friends knew someone in the train (he's part of the injured list). That's it.

If the train was going away from DC during rush hour, it would have been a big deal (those cars get packed like sardines), but reverse commute? It's sad and all, but one of the witnesses said how there were 8 or 10 people in his car -- damn, that's nothing.

(Maybe I feel this way because I didn't know about any of this until I logged on to facebook around 9pm last night, as I was busy with the boy until then. By the time I heard the news, they were old news.)

Either way, if you're throwing money around please send some my way. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

But if you had been on the train, and had been wearing your orange sweater (wrong time of year, but still...) you would have left a decent looking corpse. The lack of jiu jitsu of late prevents me from writing "good looking".

rads said...

It was bizarre. Just an hour before a friend was to ride the red line and come meet me. He decided instead to sleep in and we postponed to lunch next day.

I was q shaken when I saw how narrowly he escaped.

shutters said...

I was much the same when the bombs went off in London on 7/7. My brothers both live and work in London and although they weren't in the areas effected you never really know and just want to make sure. I am guess its just fear.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

Matt: I am hurt that you didn't worry.

Beach Bum: yeah, i didn't hear about it till way after too. no money for you, though.

Anonymous: et tu, anon?

rads: yeah, but if it's not your time, your fine.

shutters: yeah, good point.

steve the plumber said...

I think you should be pleased that there are friends / relatives that bothered to make sure you was ok, and not injured.