Thursday, June 04, 2009

Finishing touches.

Well, after two years of awkwardly opening and closing the doors on my kitchen cabinets, I decided on the right handle and put them on. It didn't really take me two years to decide on the handles, I just had more important things going on in my life and kitchen door handles were pretty low on the queue. These were installed when my Dad visited recently. They look great because we used a "jig", not because either of us is obsessive compulsive.

Here is a "jig" that you use to make sure all the holes for the handles are drilled in the same place. You can make one pretty easilly, putting the holes where you need them. We made this out of scrap wood.

This is how you use it...perfect every time.

And here is the finished product.


Jamie said...

Cool. I call that kind of thing a template. Which I know is wrong and outs me as not really a carpenter, but to me a "jig" will always be something a short Irish man dances. Anyway I'm not really a carpenter.

I was lazy on mine. There was only one hole for my pulls, so I just stuck a square on both sides and drew a cross where i wanted to drill.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

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William Cooper said...

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Unknown said...

Great solution for the problem. I am thinking of using it. Thanks for the post.

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Ed said...

It only took you two years to get to it?! That's pretty good.....would have taken me at least 4! :)

Showers - Nulte said...

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