Friday, October 10, 2008

Scariest Movie in Years

Well, I went to another movie preview for a movie that's opening soon, Quarantine with my hottie. Now, I'm not scared by most "horror" movies. Most of them I could watch while doing my taxes. But whollyfreakinbejesusonastick this movie is scary!!! If you go watch this movie, maybe you should bring a change of underwear because you may just sh1t your pants...and not in a kinky way either.

Also...sadness because my foster dog got adopted (pics and a good by post soon...if I don't get lazy) and because the stock market is in the toilet. What's good is that there are many years to go until I retire and my 401(k) retirement money gets deducted from my paycheck and invested automatically so it's buying stocks when prices are cheap and I'll be really, really rich when I retire. Rich enough to buy a new robot body to transfer my brain in and take over the world. Fear my wrath!!!

Have a good weekend, everybody!!!


Shannon said...

The Home Improvement Robot?

Nah, can't picture it.

Anonymous said...

So is quarantine a torture-style horror movie like "Saw" or just scary because of the plot? If it's the latter, I will go see it.


Barbara said...

Maybe I'll just skip that movie. I'm easily scared. I still get psyched by Disney PG movies (you know the ones with the happy endings and no blood).

Sara said...

Good point about the investing while the market is down. I'm so sheltered from things here, that I hadn't even thought about it. Now, I just wishI had some money to invest.

Anonymous said...


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Ed The Sports Fan said...

Damn you getting proposals on your comments!

Anyway, I thought Quarantine was pretty pedestrian in my humble opinion. Although there were some tense moments, some of it was predictable, and the ending made me highly upset. Just my 2 cents. Nice read bro, be easy.


Anonymous said...

If you like Quarantine you should check out [REC], the Spanish movie it was based on.

Much scarier.