Friday, October 31, 2008

I call B.S.

I call bvllshit. If you really are giving up on practicing law, burning your Harvard Law degree and leading a simple life (have fun living in a group house till your 50, hippie), then why would you blot out your name on the diploma? Newsflash, you can get another copy of your diploma for $25, so you don't lose anything by burning your diploma. Think about it: if you lost your diploma, does that mean that they'll make you do four more years of law school? A bigger, bolder statement would've been to quit before you graduated, or to set your genitals on fire. Jus' sayin'.


Unknown said...

And why was it necessary to broadcast such a meaningless activity to the world? Was it done to impress?

Anonymous said...

...its called symbolism... ;-)
or bullshit..they might be the same thing..

Jamie said...

Why am I supposed to care about that video? I got bored and marginally annoyed after 30 seconds. Another overprivileged, overpaid kid who has the luxury of doing whatever the f&ck he wants while most other people in the world struggle to survive and feed their families. Blech.

On another note, my "word verification" clue right now is "plialin". Sounds like another good nickname for our favorite veep wannabe!! The irony.