Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mo' Money...

I got a quote to fix the "issue" with the bricks in the basement (i.e. that they have no mortar and a few are sticking out). The price was $3200, which includes filling in and parging (sp?) 3/8" thick cement over about 250 square feet of bricks to even it out, and pulling out loose bricks and putting them back in.

It would be nice to sleep nights without worrying if my house will fall down on top of me and kill me, but $3200? I'd rather get kicked in the nuts than pay that much money to someone who isn't a high-class call girl. Once the wall's done, I can start working on the basement...but $3200? Does that sound like a fair price for what's being done? Do you think I can negotiate it down? Maybe if I let him kick me in the nuts, he'll do it for $2000? Or a good shin kick for $2500?


Jamie said...

I'm not a mason, and I can't remember exactly what the problem was, but slathering concrete all over the wall doesn't seem like a solution to anything. If the mortar is rotten or gone, then you need to repoint.

If the wall is bulging inwards, then you need to shore it up somehow and a little coating of concrete ain't going to do that. In that case have an engineer look at it - and I would think a different solution would be needed like some kind of bracing.

Otherwise if it's just rotten mortar and not really bulging, I would get a 2nd opinion. Repointing isn't cheap, but it does actually solve problems.

In the end if you just want to cover your problem with a swath of concrete, I'd be happy to give you a quote for that service and save you a bunch of money. My work will come with a 60 day warranty.

Anonymous said...

I paid a whole lot less than that to have my chimney repointed plus a new liner.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding to my blog.

Even with all the worries and stresses, fixing up an old house is something amazing. In the end when everything is all said and done, you will enjoy the house more than someone who bought a house from a builder.

Good luck!

Lori R. said...

Send me your email address. Iork for a GC in Cleveland but w have a Maryland/DC division. I'll give you someone to talk to to see if we can do better for you.

gandw at rmrc dot net

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that seems like a steep and somewhat assrape-y quote. I definitely think you should contact lori.

Barbara said...

I say get out your mortar and pestle or at least a good putty knife and go to it. I might consider doing it for $3200!

Anonymous said...

Kicked in the nuts?

Careful what you wish for, these things happen in threes.