Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Where am I going with this?

My new passport came in the mail yesterday. The paperwork I filled out said it would take 4-6 weeks, but arrived about a week and a half after I dropped it off at the passport headquarters (which is very near my gym in Downtown DC). This is the first time I have EVER seen a government beaurocracy operate efficiently. Contrast this with the FIVE times I had to go to DC's DMV to get my license and car tags switched over from Virginia.

The picture looks terrible, but I don't blame the photographer as much as I blame genetics. I think the picture in my old passport looked better, but then again I was ten years younger at the time. Most people don't get better looking as they get older, and those that think they do are usually delusional so don't turn your back on them.

Anyway, I am planning a big trip. This is no secret to my real friends, but it may be to you imaginary people. In what may seem like a non-sequitor, I'm cleaning up my place and get rid of a lot of clutter. It turns out that I have waaaaay too many books (I read a lot because when I was growing up there was no internet...or unconditional love). So I've been going through them and packing them up in order to donate them to a used book place. In order to get rid of some books I have (and to get good ideas for my next trip), and to test your mind reading skillz, I want you to guess where I'm going. The first one to guess where I'm going will get a couple of books mailed to them on a topic that interests them (I have enough books that no matter what interests you I've got something on it). Or, if you're local, you can get a small microwave (not kidding about this).


Anonymous said...


-Richard Washington

Anonymous said...

My real guess: Japan

The more interesting but less likely guess: prison.

Beach Bum said...

Backpacking in South America?

New Zealand?

I dunno. I'm just throwing random stuff out there.

dara said...

If I were going on a big trip instead of buying an overpriced condo, I would be going to (1) China; (2) African Safari; (3) Australia; or (4) southeast Asia, maybe Thailand or India.

But I'd guess that wherever you're going, it's not Europe, because the dollar is crap there.

Jamie said...

South America. Probably Columbia.

My rationale has nothing to do with importing coca plants, but rather, it may be one of the only interesting places to go where the dollar is still remotely useful, and the plane ticket won't cost $3200

Anonymous said...


Carrie M said...

I'll throw my lot in with the South America guesses and say Brazil. I'm just guessing b/c I love free books.

Velvet said...

Mmmm. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess...Cleveland Park! I'm right, aren't I?

Yes, you have way too much clutter. No. You do. It's true. I'm glad you've finally realized this. It wouldn't be a big dog which would prevent you from getting a small apt, it would be your massive amounts of boy-tools.

And finally, no one wants to travel overseas because they are all wiping their asses with the American Dollar. So there you go. Less demand equals faster turnaround time.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

keep the guesses coming. I guess i didn't specify, but let's keep it down to 3 guesses per person. Thanks.

Fargo said...


BTW, I had a similar experience with my passport renewal a few months back. Mailed it in. Got it back in a week. Nice surprise!

Anonymous said...

How about SE Asia?

Too vague?


Laikabear said...


I'm usually a lurker but a chance at used books cannot be passed up!

Cyndy said...


Anonymous said...

Costa Rica?

Anonymous said...

I'd say somewhere like Outer Mongolia, just for the novelty of it... Or maybe the Cook Islands. Somewhere with a barter system sounds like a plan if you're thinking in terms of US dollars.

Though Zimbabwe's got a real steal going on the currency exchange -- currently US$1 buys you about Zim$1,000,000,000 or so on the official market. You could re-paper your house in Zim dollars!

Anonymous said...


(because I live there, maybe you found out and cannot live your life without meeting me, haha?)



yours truly

N. Gardner

Anonymous said...

A "big trip?" And you're decluttering while you're at it? Does this mean you'll be gone for a long time? When are you leaving?

Questions, questions! :)

moxie said...

I would say:
- India?
- Thailand?
- Belize?

John said...

I renewed my passport earlier this year. I was expecting it to take months, but I got it in about two weeks. I was shocked. The last I heard, they had a back log and it was taking 6+ months to get one. It just seems so wrong.

My guesses are Argentina or Australia. Or Iceland (just kidding, unless I'm right).