Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Odds and Ends...and a Batmobile

Well, the winner of my "where am I going with this" post is Dara from Blah Blah Blog, who correctly guessed "Thailand" (and incorrectly guessed a few other places). Since she's local, she's entitled to my microwave, which isn't the greatest microwave in the world, but it's free and I have no use for it since I installed the new microwave above the stove. If she doesn't want that, she can have some of the many books in my library. If she doesn't want them, then the runner ups, You Can Call Me Sir, or Moxie are entitled (and welcome) to them. I would've also given part credit to The Czech republic, Poland or Denmark (which are 3 countries in Europe that I haven't been to and plan to visit on my next trip there). I give no credit for guessing "Cleveland Park" because, quite frankly Cleveland Park sux. So although I did go there recently to say goodbye to a friend who is moving to San Franscisco, I only went there because it was close to her house, and there was plenty of parking and cheap beer (which is almost as good as cheap women, but without the need for penicillin shots the next week).

Moving on...

Last night I saw the Batmobile on Wisconsin avenue in front of the Quiznos Subs place. It was the new kick-ass Batmobile from the new batman movie, so I'm guessing it's here as part of some publicity stunt and not because Batman likes to buy his sandwhiches from overpriced chain shops. I didn't take a picture of it with my awesome phone because I didn't want to turn off the GPS system to take it. I figured I could describe it with a thousand words, which will be worth as much as a picture, but I decided to give up at the end of this sentence, so maybe a picture would've been in order.

Fourth of July...

I was supposed to go to a cookout but it got cancelled because my friend who was throwing it got his car window broken (yeah DC!) so he had to take it to VA to get fixed. I ended up spending the fourth at my place and cooking out with my date on my old school charcoal grill.

I took the opportunity to break in my 25 piece Sharper Image Grilling set. I had given the set to Ninja Dad for Xmas, but he already had a set given to him by my older brother (grrrrrr) and Sharper Image went bankrupt and stopped accepting returns, so it's been sitting in my living room for a year and half. But now that I've used it, I must say it's Swweeeeeeeeet!

In retrospect, I guess it looks a little suspicious to invite a girl to a party, then tell her that we're staying at my place instead, but she didn't seem to mind.

The next day the power went out in several blocks in my neighborhood. It was out from 9 am till almost 10pm. Not having power in July in a city that was built on a swamp sux because no power means no air conditioning (or TV, or internet). Still, hot sweaty sex with a 24 year old who works out several times a week is much better than watching re-runs of The Simpsons.


Anonymous said...


I know that I've been MIA, but it looks like you've been filling your time with the ladies and bbq, so what in the world is better than that?

3 million dollars cash, no questions?

Yeah, but when's that going to happen?

Glad you're well.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess that was a different kind of fireworks!

Anonymous said...

Ha! You and your shady-dating ways! SURE, your friend had to go to Virginia to fix a broken window... :)

dara said...

Wow, I'm a winner! Yay.

I think I'd rather have a book than a microwave. Is that weird?

Capitol Hill 20210 said...

so jealous you saw the Batmobile, riding in that car would be an orgasmic experiance for myself yeah yeah TMI

Jamie said...

I didn't guess Thailand because I thought you knew there were Asian massage parlors in DC.

But seriously, your friend canceled a 4th of July party over a friggin broken window? I don't think I'd call off a party for a broken arm. Broken windows are about as common as parking tickets around here. That's weak.

Anonymous said...

Still, hot sweaty sex with a 24 year old who works out several times a week is much better than watching re-runs of The Simpsons.

pffft...whatever, dude.

Hook me up with the book selection if Dara leaves anything.