Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On Topic Post: Look Before you Leap.

There's a relevant post HERE in the Washington Post about past home improvement ideas that were once very popular, but ended up causing lots of problems (like Asbestos materials and aluminum wiring).

Part of the reason that I'm reluctant to accept new innovations is that I fear being an experiment. Asbestos sounds great, but years later they find out it causes incurable thanks. So whenever some new invention comes along (like expanding foam insulation or structural insulated panels) I think to myself "wow, that's a great idea...if it's still around in 20 years and no one's got incurable cancer, I'll probably try it, but until then, no thank you."

I know that probably makes me a dinosaur, but I don't care. I was the last person on earth to buy a cordless power tool (last year) becuase I didn't trust them. I was also the guy who told my friend, who was computer shopping, that CD Roms were just a fad. Note, I said the same thing about MP3s, TiVO, and Grey's Anatomy...I really wish I was right about the last one.(does anyone that doesn't have a uterus watch this show, if they are not being forced to do so by their girlfriend or wife? has anyone ever filed for divorce and listed being forced to watch this show as evidence of spousal cruelty? why did they put a show with so many unnattracive people in prime time...this isn't american idol)

Anyway, check out the article to see if you live in a deathtrap, or to give you food for thought wehn you are considereing being the first on your block to buy some new-fangled technical advancement (like Apple's cool iPhone).


Anonymous said...

I actually write about things like SIPS and blow-in cellular spray insulation for a living and I can tell you as a semi-expert that they're totally safe. And really worth the $ should you chose to upgrade. Your utility bills will thank you.

-hey pretty-

JordanBaker said...

I have a fully functioning uterus, and even I find Grey's Anatomy insufferably chick-y.

boo said...

i dont watch grey's anatomy...and i have a uterus...i watch CSI lmao

Zandria said...

I don't blame you for waiting before you implement some "great new change." You'll be around longer if something happens to the other people. :)

I read that article in the Post...very interesting! And, oh, so true. A lot of people want the "latest" when they go in to do a renovation, but you definitely have to think about what works with your house, and what's still going to look good a few years from now.

Twoste said...

It's like with Windows Vista. I don't trust it until its at least a year old.
I have no uterus. Hence, I dislike Grey's.

Kyran said...

I watch grey's. and then I hate myself.

does that count for character?

Anonymous said...

The fixer-upper I bought here in NC was built in 1922 and still has the original unshielded copper wiring running exposed along the rafters, studs, etc. While I was knee-deep in plaster and rusty nails I asked the contractor friend of mine who was helping me maim a wall whether he thought I should upgrade said wiring. His reply was that if it hadn't killed anyone in 80 years that it was probably OK for another 5 or so. I think there's wisdom in such thinking.