Friday, December 29, 2006

Guest Post Update

Apparently, Brandon got hooked on guest-posting after my blog and is now doing other guest-posts. I think I feel like the local schoolyard pot dealer now after discovering that my childhood friend who I badgered into trying his first joint is now hooked on heroin. I feel really guilty about it. But then again, I'm Catholic, so if this hadn't happened, I would probably find something else to feel really quilty about (like the excessive amounts of napkins I took from Starbucks this morning...does that make me a bad person?). Or maybe I feel betrayed-like the loving wife who agrees to a threesome with a stripper for her husband's birthday, only to discover that now he wants it to be a regular thing. Go ahead, Brandon. Go blog for your WHORES!!! Happy birthday, you cheating bastard!!!

Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah...whores. Anyway, I think the guest post went pretty well. I got some woman in dallas who offered to "do" me sight unseen. I think I'm one Southwest Airlines ticket from givng that woman some of the most mediocre sex of her life.

Since my blog is nothing if not untimely, I'll be posting my Christmas post next week. It's about Santa and how he's really a ninja. After I did my post I found this on YouTube from This is popular version of the Santa-Ninja myth, but not entirely accurate. I'll post the secret Santa version soon (if Ninjas don't kill me first).


boo said...

you are a bad person for taking excessive amounts of napkins LMAO...I want brandon to guest post on my blog where is he?? LOL

Heather said...

Well, then. There it is.

p.s. would you wear the mask? you know, AFTER the plane trip, 'cause TSA would be all over you if you wore it on the plane.


I stopped feeling guilty for stealing (because at one point or another it starts to become stealing)napkins at joints. I have this thing about geting more napkins than i need because i fear not having a napkin when i need it.... love you Ninja!