Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Polititcians: STAY OFF MY YARD!!!

The DC Mayoral elections are next week. I’m torn between indifference and laziness about this one. What bugs me most about these elections however, is the annoying habit of these political hacks to put their campaign signs up on your property without your permission. Fenty’s people posted a sign on the ninja fortress lawn (in front of the moat). My imaginary friend had it done to her house by Linda Cropp. What does it say about the candidates except that they are willing to trample over your property rights to get what they want?

I tore the sign in my yard as soon as I saw it. If you give these people an inch, they’ll walk all over you.

Then you’ll end up like this poor sap. Stand up for yourself, man! Show some self-esteem.


Unknown said...

well that's one thing i don't miss about the good ol USofA. fucking yard signs. deo they really influence anyone to vote for a particular person? if some douche stuck a sign in my yard wouldn't vote for him/her out of principle.

JordanBaker said...

Hey, I'm not imaginary!


Does that mean that mayoral elections are at the same time in every state? Because so are we.. and I thought they are only allowed to do the postings on peoples property by askin because they know what party you are for...hmmmm sounds fishy...i bet it was one of your annoying neighbors that put it and they are trying to get under your coattail for always making them move their car lol buahahahah