Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fight Blog Oppression

So this week has been shaping up to be pretty bad so far.

Sucky thing Number One:
A fellow blogger, La Petite Anglaise, was fired from her job for blogging. She’s a good writer and I was actually considering starting a new link on the side of my blog called “mad writing skillz” for people like her and Betty on the Beach (who stopped blogging). But I’m too lazy and my HTML skillz are weak.

Anyway, La Petite Anlgaise (that’s French for “The Petite Anglaise”) had her boss discover her blog and she was fired. This sux especially badly because she is a single mom (and after seeing her pic, she is officially a MILF).

So anyway, I was thinking that if the thousands of people who read her blog and the tens of people who read mine would contribute to her using the PayPal button on her site, that would be a good thing. What do you say, bloggers? Unite and fight the man! Stand up for the right for your right to blog! Strike a blow for freedom…and against the oppressive British companies exploiting single moms in France. Wow, that sounds evil doesn’t it?

Sucky Thing Number Two:

The girl from Rocket Boom was fired/forced out (allegedly) by the asshole (allegedly) who runs the site. I admit I don’t watch Rocket Boom that often, but the chick seemed nice and was genuinely interesting (and not just because she is a hottie). I would offer her my legal services, but given how many of my former clients are in federal prison, I don’t think I would be doing her a favor.

Sucky Thing Number Three:

Although most of my Ninja Stock Picks are doing pretty well, one of them (Smith and Wesson, my largest holding) has been getting pummeled the past few days. I lost almost $1000 on it just today. Ughhh…that’s a lot of beer money to lose in one day. I like this and was buying more as it went up. It took a dive and bought even more because…it’s on sale. But the pain continued. I think I figured out why it went down today, which makes me feel better because I still think I and my faithful readers will make a lot of this one. It’s switching it’s listing from the AMEX to the Nasdaq on Friday so the market makers on AMEX are selling their positions. It should pick up again on Friday (hopefully). I’m debating whether to take some money from my bank and buy even more of this, but it’s already my biggest position. Hmmmm.

It’s fun to pick stocks theoretically, but when I start to lose my own money, it really sux…big time. Anyway, this one of my speculative bets. The other investments that I made based on fundamentals and Benjamin Graham’s teachings, Embarq (+4% in a month) and AHM (+8% in a month) are doing well. So suck it, critics!

And don't forget that next month we'll have a very special Ninja Stock Pick that is based on FOOD and BREASTS!.


m.a. said...

I've read a bit about LPF, and it sucks that she had to lose her job.

About the stock picks, I think that it will be fun to use all of the money I make as an academic to pour into stocks based on breasts and food. Yes. All of the imaginary monopoly money.

Raincouver said...

Breasts, yeeeyyy... breasts!!

Et je suis tres desole pour la mauvaise chance de LPA.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

momentary: It's not imaginary if you believe it's real.

raincouver: I don't speak french, but I assume you are raving about petite anglaise's breasts. In which case, I concur.

Anonymous said...

You are just so freakin' cool to have mentioned me on your blog! And the fact that you, the Ninja, think me, Betty to have 'mad skillz' is to me, greater than winning the Pulizer! You rock!
Truth be told, I really miss blogging A LOT and I blame my nosey co-workers and one sniveling idiot on the trading floor that made it his personal mission to tell EVERYONE my URL. As soon as I find him, his ass is grass.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

Thanks, Betty. I'm not used to such praise (I grew up in Catholic household).

If you start writing again with a new secret blog (hint hint), be sure to send me the address.