Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Buy This: Ninja Approved!

So my friend Maggie is selling her apartmetnt in Dupont Circle. (for those of you not from DC, Dupont Circle is DC's equivalent of Greenwhich Village...if DC were anywhere near as cool as NYC). Anyway, she is selling a kick-ass condo that she owns there, which is fully furnished and rented out at $1525 per month. She said the tenant is tall, blonde and good-looking, so any of you single gals looking for a condo and a husband should really look into this.

It's listed for $227k and described as having a " FAB Euro feel" in the listing. I think this is a pretty accurate description since my friend is from europe and when she bought the place she asked me what I thought about it and I said "it makes me fee FAB...all caps." Here is the listing :

Ther neighborhood is great too. I used to live in Dupont. It's very hip and trendy...well, as trendy as you can get for DC, which is like saying "he's the smartest guy on the football team." It's got a lot of gays there, so women will feel safe walking home at night. Well, I assume they are gay, but they may just be really dedicated's hard to tell.

The building is nice and it's only a few blocks to the metro or some of the best nightlife and restaurants in the city. I rate this condo "4 Shurikens". (You can't get 5 Shurikens without a pool or Judy Greer in your Bldg.).



I have a blog question, im failry new at this. and I wanted to know how is it that I make links to my page of readers I like. I would love to add you in my page for everyone to see ! Thanks again kikimia..Oh yeah please update on the Comcast when it happens lol that shit is hilarious...change ISP's man!

m.a. said...

You are very sweet to advertise both an apartment and a potential live in boyfriend/husband. What a coup! Your friend is going to make a killing with this place. I wish that I could afford to buy it. Damn it! Academia doesn't pay (just like crime).

KassyK said...

I know I agree with Academic...If I had the loot I'd be RIGHT there. Love Dupont and I am close enough to it right now to enjoy it but dmn that is a really good deal.

Kikimia-Not sure if anyone helped you with this yet but if you email me (address on blog profile) I can show you how.

Twoste said...

Are you getting a commission for this?
That's the first thing they taught me in real estate school -- commissions are where you make the rent and pay the exterminator.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

kikimia: Welcome. I have mad love for Miami...and lot's of family down there. If you go on blogger, and click on the Template tab, you can edit your side bar. Just copy and paste the HTML from your sidebar and and see if it works. I just tried to paste the code here, but blogger won't let me post it.

MA: yeah, academia has it's own rewards though. Like access to primo marijuana. Jus' sayin'.

kassyk: yeah, I'd like to be back in Dupont too. But I gotta own the fortress for at least another 8 months, for tax purposes.

twoste: I don't get anything for this, except free crepes. I wouldn't charge my friends for helping them, unless I was friends with Bill Gates, in which case I would tell him that my friendship comes at a price.

Anonymous said...

I used to live at 2136 Newport - literally right behind that building - and can testify as to greatness of its location. Very safe, very convenient, close to Baja Fresh, Albertos, and the Brickskellar, which is really all you need.

Raincouver said...

227 for 425 sq ft? Holy cow. I guess it's not that far off... I have a 970 for 400K in vancity, and that's cheap. 1200sq ft in Yaletown
will go for about 800K on the average. No kidding.

I was looking for an investment property... at 1525 rent I think DC is the place to invest! (even at 260 coop fees)

Anonymous said...

Jesus -- that for $227?
Holy shit.