Thursday, December 16, 2010


As if to mock me, it snows. I drove to work today, so getting home should be...interesting. Growing up in NY means that I have experience driving in the snow. So I know I won't hit your car on the way home today. Please do me the courtesy of returning that favor. Kthanxbye.


Unknown said...

Snow everywhere
I am locked at home.
But now i am getting rid of this snow using some Axe tools as i learnt it from an online guide.

YB said...

We've been getting it down here in the South in amounts we haven't seen in 20 years. I didn't leave the house for 2 days.

cbschennai said...

Thank you! I enjoy participating in your challenges! Big fan by Mythili

Adrian H said...

It was 13 degrees on boxing day and is 15 degrees today in my part of England - a little strange - Christmas is not Christmas without snow - except for driving ( I am with you on that one ) But I will be sad if the snow does not pop its head round the corner a few times before spring.