Monday, August 30, 2010

Random improvements

I've been too busy and unmotivated to do anything major at the fortress, but I have been smaller projects here and there, like painting, which takes only slightly more effort than laundry, when done correctly.

The key is to have all the right tools, like this mixing attachment that you put on to a power drill. Tools are awesome when they do all the work for you.

Here is the Living room window before. There were some repairs done to it, which is why there is new bare wood there. It looks better after painting.

Here is the living room window after. It looks cleaner, doesn't it? Well, except for that shitty looking radiator.

Here is the kitchen window before.

kitchen window after.

I also got out the heat gun (yes in the summer) and stripped some paint off the stairway railings to re-paint them.



This was a lot harder than it looked ("that's what she said!").


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