Monday, January 25, 2010

Odds and Ends

Well, I'm going salsa dancing for the first time in a while on saturday. It's kind of a birthday thing. I haven't been to The Salsa Room in ages, but hopefully I still have some impressive moves. Back when I was dancing pretty regularly, I was asked a couple of times to join a performance group, but I seriously doubt that anyone would ask me that now (unless all the top dancers in the area died in a horrible plane crash and they started looking for improbable replacements). I think once I reached a certain level of skill with salsa, it stopped being a challenge, and I found other things to do. I didn't want to to keep at it long enough to be the best, because although I liked it a lot, it wasn't my life's passion or anything.

Someone asked me if I was going to keep doing jiu jitsu until I reached black belt. I don't know if I'll want to devote another 8 years or so to that goal, but I'm not as good as I want to be yet. Maybe in a couple of years I'll be where I want to be and find a new hobby. But jits is complicated and people keep inventing new moves all the time. I've heard from others that 10 years ago, no one played half guard, but nowadays there's people who specialize in butterfly guard, half butterfly, rubber guard, the 50/50 guard, X guard etc. Maybe it's sufficiently complex that you could do it forever and never master it? Or maybe working in an office means that I need some kind of physical activity to keep myself grounded. And there is nothing more physical than trying to rip someone's arm out of their socket when they are bigger than you and don't want to get their arm ripped out of it's proper socket. Just a thought.

Also, I started watching Lost recently. I don't want to be one of those annoying people who watches Lost and talks about it constanlty, but it's not bad (it would be much better if they killed off Charlie and Michael, who are incredibly annoying though). I think I find it tolerable because I can watch it on Netflix and not obsess about the cliffhanger endings. I can just go to the next episode and watch what happens. I am on Season 2 now, but I hope to be fully caught up by the time the final season comes on so that I can watch the last season with the rest of you losers...err, I mean dedicated fans. In the spirit of comraderie and fanship, here's a low-budget video re-cap of the first few seasons of Lost in 5 minutes. It was done by a guy and his extended italian family. All scenes were shot in his living room and basement. The special effects are pretty low-budget (and hysterical).


Georgette said...

I love the links between salsa and jits. Hope you have a good time!

HomeImprovementNinja said...

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Jamie said...

I wish you luck in getting through all of Lost. It may be my attention span is shorter than most people's, but I got bored after season 1. Once they had introduced about seventeen story lines and red herrings that went nowhere I started feeling like a sucker for continuing to watch it. I am not sure if they ever came up with an explanation for the talking polar bears and mist-creatures that reminded me of The Abyss, but I stopped caring after about six episodes of Season 2 and gave up.

Predictable But Fun said...

We looooovveeee Youtube. It is a place where we can organize
our friends to come together and be stupid for a few minutes, while
sharing something with the outside world. Ten years ago, we would not
have been able to get this lost recap, because there would have been no way to market this recording unless you brought it to a friends house. Now I can laugh at this all the way in DC, Cambridge or Jerusalem while getting some
valuable 'Lost' recaps!

Gevelrenovatie said...

The show is even more confusing after your film! ;-)

Junaid said...
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