Friday, April 17, 2009

La Plus Ca Change, La plus la meme chose.

I was wondering why I had more money in my checking account than usual, and I realized it's because I haven't been to Home Depot in a couple of months. I stopped by a couple of days ago, and after buying nothing more than a few feet of crown moulding and baseboard, I was $400 poorer.

I would've been a lot poorer if their staff had been less incompetent. I wanted to buy a couple of windows and a french door, maybe, but I couldn't find anyone in that department. The only person there was someone from another department who was hiding behind the doors so that he could use his cell phone (not making this up).

I found the door I wanted (which didn't have a pricetag, so I tore off the UPC tag and brought it up to someone who gave me a dirty look and said that he was going to have to put that back on after I left. Well...maybe if you had marked it in the first place, or been around to help customers in the second place, that wouldn't happen. Boo hoo, jerkface. Also, they didn't have the windows I wanted unless I wanted to order it and wait two weeks. I assumed that with the recession and all, they would now be able to keep stuff in stock at this, THE WORLD'S WORST HOME DEPOT. But, even though the ecomony has changed, the people who work at the Rhode Island Avenue Home Depot remain the same.

In other news...I'm glad easter is over. Easter candy is 50% off at CVS. Woo hoo!

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EPF said...

The only Home Depot I've ever frequented is the D.C. store. Are they all this bad or did Home Depot corporate decide to make just the D.C. store the 3rd ring of hell?