Monday, August 04, 2008

Yes Man

What happens when you say yes? A friend was telling me about a book called YES MAN (See the link in the sidebar), where the author decides to say yes to everyone for a year. He says yes to people offering him pamphlets on the street, and inviting him to attend a cult meeting where people believe aliens built the pyramids in Egypt. Along the way he wins the lottery (and loses the money) and gets married. But changing his thinking changed his world. Well, I guess that's my point, but I don't really need a point, because this is my site and I can ramble if I want.

Lately, I've been saying yes to more things and being open to new possibilities. I went to a wedding that I was invited to (even though I hate weddings) and started dating a hottie I met there. I replied to an email looking for volunteers willing to participate for several hours a day in a project that would be turned into a book. As a result, I'm being featured in the book, almost got on a National TV show (they picked one of the others in the group) and got a free Carribean cruise for 2.

Now, I'm not saying you should say yes to everything. For instance, if some british guy in a bar buys you a beer and you thought he was being polite, but it turns out that he thought you were gay because you had a fashionable shirt on, you don't have to say yes to the offer of sex. This is a totally hypothetical story, by the way, and purple shirts are NOT gay. Jus' sayin'.

I'll say more about the book and the cruise when the book is closer to completion (I don't want to jinx it). But you can order the book through my NEW Amazon link on the sidebar and let me know what happens when you try it.


Anonymous said...

That book changed my life. I bought several copies to give to my friends over the past year.

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

heard a lot about this book from several different people, I'll definitely have to pick it up. Good luck with the stuff we're not jinxing!

Velvet said...

When I stopped saying yes to your dinner invites, I also, not so coincidentally realized that I ended up moving a lot less furniture around your house.

What? It's true. And since you're saying yes now, I have several things I'd like to ask you...

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff there, Ninja! Very cool that you got a cruise out of the deal, too. :)

HomeImprovementNinja said...

anon: thanks for sharing.

maiden: let me know how it goes :)

velvet: ask away.

zandria: I know!

Anonymous said...

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