Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ninja Sotck Picks

Okay, I finally started posting to my Investing Ninja Website. The link is here:

There is no humor on that blog though. Making money is serious business, and I save what little sense of humor I have for this blog. My goal with that blog is not to make you laugh, it's to make me money.* My goal with this blog is to try to get laid and to vent about stuff that is so time consuming that I would be broke if I brought it up in therapy.

Anyway, next week I'll try to do my first ever MEME, which was tagged to me by Reya. Did I say that correctly, or do I sound dumber than the president when he goes on the internets to use the google?

I'll also try to do part 3 of the Ninja Christmas Chronicles. In this episode I chase my nephew around the house with a severed pigs head (I have pics to prove it, but it's not as disturbing as it sounds...okay, maybe it's disturbing to my nephew, but not to me). If you're wonderning why I'm doing christmas posts in february, then get off my back! Do you want to write this blog for me? Do you? I didn't think so!!!

*writing the ideas out helps me to think out does reading wtih my lips moving.


Twoste said...

That all sounds great.

Meokat said...

blogs are for getting laid? I'm so confused.