Friday, March 17, 2006

Mo' Music Mo' Problems

I have an update on the Sudanese guy, but I can't get my iPhoto working right and I have to post a picture about it because you wouldn't believe me if I told you. You would be like "shut yo' mouth, ninja, you're makin' that up." I don't know why you would talk like that, but in my mind that's how everyone on the internet talks.

I'm still having some minor issues with my computer, but when I was cleaning this week I found the diagnostic disk for my iMac and it says that nothings wrong with my hardware, so I may just take it to Apple and have them wipe everything clean and reload all my programs. I'll be uploading my CDs on iTunes for the next couple of months. D'oh!.

As a Catholic, I can't helpt thinking that this is my pennance for stealing music from the interweb and depriving rich musicians of my not-so-hard earned money. God hates music thieves and punishes them mercilessly...unless they use bit torrent to steal, in which case he is surprisingly avuncular and forgiving.


Siryn said...

God is forgiving only if you repent first. Don't think that just because you can get it on Bit Torrent that you are escaping the consequences of stealing. It may just come in ways you can't see or feel directly, like the continual jacking up of music prices, or improved DRM software.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

Siryn, if I knew what "DRM software" was, I might be scared by what you just said. But you are talking to the guy who once called the IT department so they could tell me how to put 2 attachments in one email (my boss asked why I sent her 6 emails for 6 docs, and I pretended that I thought she had requested it that way).

ushakanth said...

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