Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Belated St. Pat's

Well, I still can't get iPhoto working on my iMac, but I'll play around with it this weekend. I still owe my imaginary friends a WTF update on the Sudanese guy. If I can't get it working this weekend I'll just tell you what happened (and you won't believe it).

I did some electrical work this weekend (and I actually turned off the power first). But there's no pics to show you. For some reason, things like public speaking scare the crap out of me, but things like working with live electric wires don't. In my defense, the breaker box is in the basement and I don't like to go down 3 flights of stairs and back up just to do something simple, but I did it the right way this weekend. Soon I'll start wearing safety glasses when I use power tools and I'll look like a shop teacher (except I have all my fingers, knock wood).

Other than that, the weekend wasn't very eventful. I went out for a few drinks on St. Patrick's day. I didn't go to an Irish Bar because going to an Irish Bar on St. Patrick's day is idiotic. It's like you died and went to fraternity heaven.

I went to a bar called Brickskeller, which has several hundred kinds of beer from around the world. It's like DC's smaller, lamer version of The Peculiar Pub in NYC's Greenwich Village. DC seems to have a smaller, lamer version of everything in NYC, except organized crime, which is bigger, more violent and totally legal here. We elect new mob bosses every few years instead of whacking the old ones, which is more fun. (I drank Hoffbrau Heffeweise, for those of you keeping score).

At the bar, I was with my friend, Paddy McShamrock (His real name is actually almost as irish sounding), his GF and some of their friends. Here are some random facts about Paddy McShamrock:
  1. We worked together at my first lawyer gig;
  2. He claims he was fired because of me;
  3. I don't admit number 2, but he's now making more than twice what he was making when we worked together (plus bonus) so if I did get him fired, which I don't admit, I actually did him a favor;
  4. Paddy got a job in Miami and left here with enough flannel shirts in his wardrobe to outfit a canadian lumberjack camp; he came back with more metrosexual gear than the first season of Queer Eye;
  5. His place in South Beach would make the people on MTV cribs jealous.
Paddy's friend's GF reads my blog, as it turned out. I thought I was the only one who read it. She had some really intelligent questions about my post on the housing bubble and used the phrase "opportunity costs" in a sentence. (there's a lot of economists who can't use that correctly in a sentence). She also asked some econ questions about what's happening to the dollar, but I was drinking so I couldn't answer it too well. But if she's reading, here is the link that I mentioned. So my inner geek was happy. She also thought that there were an inordinate number of posts about my bathroom. I guess since people only know things about the ninja fortress that I tell them, it's bound to give people the idea that I'm obsessed with my bathroom. Pooping in my wall-to-wall marble bathroom makes me feel like the King of Siam, but I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with it or anything.

Next week I'll try to start on some kitchen stuff and get my iPhoto working again.

[Edited to fix a typo...because I AM that anal].


none - ya said...

You can't move to Miami and not turn into something with "sexual" at the end of it. At least he didn't turn homosexual. Get in where you fit in.

John said...

"Pooping in my wall-to-wall marble bathroom makes me feel like the King of Siam, but I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with it or anything."

That line made me laugh out loud. My wife and I were looking a gorgous Victorian toliet (a hand painted china one), and she has a similar thought.

Me: "I don't think I could crap in something that pretty."

Wife: "Are you kidding? It would make me feel like a Queen."

Thanks for the money link too. I heard an interview with Kevin Phillips on NPR yesterday. His thoughts on what rampant deficit spending by the government will do to the middle class scared the hell out of me. Talk about kissing your ass good-bye.

Reya Mellicker said...

We all hate typos. It's the one thing bloggers have in common. Had to laugh at your use of the word "anal" in that paragraph, right after talking about your marble throne.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

mack: I think it's good that there is a fine line between metro and homo. That way, I can wear nice clothes but still be straight.

john: really like the blog. You got serious guts takin' on that project!

I don't usually listen to NPR because it's too biased ("NPR Marketplace" is also known as "NPR Marx's Place"). But yeah, it's scary what our politicians are doing to the economy.

Reya: Being anal is a habit I picked up being an M&A lawyer. Chasing commas, baby!

John said...


However, I'm not sure if I have guts or just an empty brain pan.

As for NPR, it is the lessor of many evils. Since I don't have cable, I have to get my news from NPR or the local papers which are . . . lacking. If I didn't have access to online news at work, it would be like living in the cave.

ushakanth said...

Home Improvement yes to i think ur very jelious guy.