Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pre-Thanksgiving Thoughts

Hmmm, well I got nothing accomplished yesterday. I did work out with [Johnny Vegas]*, but I can't blame my lack of progress on that since most of the days that I accomplish nothing are the result of my watching movies or home-improvement shows. Here are good things about working out with Johnny Vegas*:

  1. Even though he's bigger than me, I can usually lift a little more than him, which makes me feel freakishly strong.
  2. He's a Marxist, so when I can lift more than him it confirms my belief that free-market capitalism will overcome marxism and other kinds of statism in all its forms.

I have decided that I will try to to accomplish some big projects this thanksgiving weekend. I took some pics that I'll try to upload showing before and after, but basically here is my to do list:
  1. fix the leak in the radiator in the bathroom (it turns out that nothing that I soldered leaks, but the idiot contractor that I fired had soldered this when he moved the pipe to make room for the jacuzzi tub and, of course, it leaks and the weather is getting cold, so I'd like to have a fully functioning heating system NOW).
  2. pull out a couple of rows of hardwood flooring in the living room to fix a slight dip in the floor. It's probably not that noticeable, but I know it's there. Once I do that, I'll level the dip (with roofing shingles, per a website I consulted) and re-lay the floor and try to get as much of the living room and dining room covered in HW as I can.
  3. fix a slight dip in the HW floor in the upstairs hallway, then finish laying the floor up there (all three BRs have flooring now (2HW and one with pergo) so if I finish laying the floor in the hallway, it will look like a normal person's house.
  4. try to fix the HUGE hole I cut in the HW floor to address a plumbing "issue" that the previous contractor had royally fcuked up. More on this, including a rant and photos in a later post.
  5. get organized.

Let' s hope the bloggers will keep me honest.

* I don't REALLY work with someone named Johnny Vegas, but he asked that I change his name on the blog so that he''s not identified on the internet as a marxist...or as someone who needs to work out more.

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