Monday, November 28, 2005

I Help the Toolbelt Diva

So because I have so much crap to do at the ninja fortress, I decided to take a break and do something plastering some walls at Tina's place. I like helping Tina out at her place because 1) the food is better in Bethesda and 2) she thinks I know what I am doing and appreciates the help. This is in sharp contrast to what it's like when I try to help my dad out, who is much more likely to say something like "ummm, [ninjaman], why don't you put down that propane torch and just get a broom or something."

Okay, it's probably difficult to tell from this picture, but you can see the screwholes and drywall seams in the walls here. So I thought I would fix it with some 90 minute sheetrock mud/plaster.
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Tina wanted to learn how to do it, so here is trying it. She is surprisingly good at it.

I think if Tina had her union card, she could probably do this for a living, but she wouldn't be using her doctorate, which would probably be a waste.

Okay, this is a terrible picture of me, but here I am feathering out the compound.

Here is the finished product. It's intentionally not in a perfectly rectangular box because I wanted to make sure that the lines wouldn't be noticeable after sanding/feathering the edges. No, really, I did it that way on purpose...I mean it...What?

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